Educated Minds Academy welcomes an opportunity to make a contribution to building a solid foundation for your child, accomplished through application of real play-study, appropriate educational and developmental programs. Not only will your child be well cared for, they will also learn, and acquire valuable building blocks of knowledge and cognitive skills to help propel them to study further while in elementary school and beyond.

We would also like to recommend an introductory tour around the pre-school facility, which would enable parents to meet with some of the teachers, staff members and owners. Its entirely free and there’s no obligation of any kind.

At Educated Minds Academy we do believe in ease and simplicity when it comes to enrollment process. The steps to guide to complete the enrollment are outlined here below. However if you should have any questions, or wish to schedule a tour of the pre-school, please do not hesitate to call us at +1 (833) 338-6463 or feel free to contact us via email at educatedminds@yahoo.com


As Easy As 1,2,3..


Obtain BLUE and YELLOW forms (Florida certification of immunization & School entry health exam) from your pediatrician


Download and complete All necessary forms by clicking on the links below.


Submit all completed forms along with registration fee to one of our staff representatives at school.